SOV Presents: Classic Moments

Welcome to the inaugural “Classic Moments” post, where we here at Sad On Vacation take time out to salute a classic moment that we can all agree lives up to the billing “Classic.” Today’s CM takes us back to a crisp autumn morn in 2009. Southward Canadian geese honked farewell in the foreground of another gray November sky pregnant with winter’s impending surcease of life; the susurration of children’s footfalls through brown fallen leaves bespoke of both youth’s hungry perseverance and summer’s failed promise. And the boys of SOV were slowly roused from slumber in their extra wide bed specially built for them by a lonely giant.


As we gathered around the oaken kitchen table for our morning breakfast of biscuits and buttermilk, we noticed there was an empty chair at the table. “Where the heck’s Wes?” Conner asked. Then everyone else also asked, “Yeah, where the heck is Wes?” We searched our pockets and penny pouches for a quarter for the apartment payphone to call Wes’ mother, but there were no quarters anywhere. We had no choice but to bundle up and hit the streets to search for Wes. As we were leaving the apartment, Mort reached into the interior pocket of his old winter coat and pulled out a dollar. “Hey, look, I found a dollar in my pocket. It must have been there all summer.” We all had a laugh and agreed it was a Classic Moment.


So let us know some of your favorite “Classic Moments,” and also, please contact SOV at  if you have any clues as to the whereabouts of Wes.

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