Annnd, We’re back!

Hey SOVacationeers!™

We hope your last 5 months have been as eventful and life-changing as ours. The day after we posted ‘Street Bowlers’ to our website, we went on our yearly 5-month ‘Health, Body, and Mind’ retreat in sunny Tuscon, AZ

Through a variety of trust exercises, mind manipulation, and sexuality seminars we realigned our chakras and can’t wait to rock out the remaining months of this final year on Earth!

We went in as 9 great friends, and we came out as 9 BEST friends who have a way better understanding of what constitutes a fetish.

Also, upon our return, we got great news from our lawyer (who, not to brag, is totally a Jew!): After 10 months, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in licensing and legal fees, we have officially trademarked the term ‘SOVacationeers!™’! Go ahead and feel free to use the term whenever…just remember it will cost you money to do so.

Uh-oh…someone’s ringing our doorbell, so we have to run. See you soon!

P.S. Oh! Almost forgot to tell you: SOV’s very own Mort Burke, Jon Barinholtz, and George McAuliffe will be performing in “LA Nice Boys” at The Groundlings Theatre in Los Angeles on February 28th. More details to come in the following days! Really have to go now. Whoever this person is, they have rang the doorbell 10 times too many.

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