RIP Ignacio/New Camera Contest

Hey SOV’ers. A bit of sad news. Sad On Vacation’s newest member, Ignacio Fernando Cordova, passed away today mere hours after officially joining the Sad On Vacation family.
Ignacio caught our eye when we first saw his youtube video entitled ‘Obese kid falling in Pool’ which can be viewed here:

After we saw that video, we knew it was time to add a 10th member to our group.

After a few months of correspondence, Ignacio finally made the decision to leave his home town of Tegucigalpa, Hondurus, in order to pursue his passion of making funny short videos in America. Shortly after arriving in our country this morning he showed up at SOV headquarters, used our state of the art restroom and then got right to work. He grabbed some of our equipment and hit the streets to film a video he’d had in his head for a while which was to be called ‘Kid Falling off Tall Building’.
We here at SOV were so excited by Ignacio’s drive and energy that we didn’t take the proper safety precautions to make sure this was a safe video to shoot.
Well, as you might have guessed, it wasn’t a safe video. In fact, it was unsafe. At 3:46 PM Central today, Ignacio Fernando Cordova climbed to the top of the Starbuck’s Megaplex on Main street, turned on our camera, and plunged 67 stories to his death. The camera broke upon impact, but we were able to recover the tape inside. Until we clear it with his family, we can’t put the footage on our site but after watching the tape, we can tell you that Ignacio’s last words were “Now I will fall off this building, but I will be safe because I am in American now…the land where people can fly”.
After hearing this news, we know our loyal SOV fans are asking themselves ‘You guys have to get a new camera now..what type of camera are you going to get?’
Great question. Throughout the month of December we will be holding a contest to figure out what kind of camera we are going to get and YOU get to decide! Send an email to us at with a funny joke. If your joke is voted ‘funniest’ by our panel of sexperts we will notify you and then ask your opinion as to which camera we should get and you’ll get to pay for half!

Well, that’s it for today SOV’ers. Stay tuned for more SOV news and keep an eye out for our brand new SOV audio podcast that we’ll be debuting next week.

B. July 4th 1992 D. December 3rd 2010

B. July 4th 1992 D. December 3rd 2010

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