Gettin’ Edgy

Hey Sad Vacationiers,

The gently immortal best friends of Sad On Vacation are students of humor and we’ve zeroed in on the one characteristic shared by all funny business. The best comedy, from Ghostbusters to Ghostbuster 2: Car Full of Babies, has the same defining trait: It pushes people’s buttons. In an effort to become edgier and even more in the faces of you and yours, here’s our plan:

1. Start Murdering and Don’t Stop: The 12 years Wes served for vehicular manslaughter doesn’t count.

2. Become Racist: Shut up, Whitey! It’s tough to be racist, but we’re trying it on.

3. Find Love: The one thing that separates us from the dinosaurs is the one edgy emotion that most comedians never feel. Sad On Vacation’s goal is to marry three sets of triplets or two sets of quadruplets plus pin aficionado Madeline Albright.

If you’ve got any tips for how we can out-edgify other groups and climb to the top of the pile of rotting horses known as “comedy,” let us know in the comments!

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7 Responses to “Gettin’ Edgy”

  1. P Bun says:

    Nothing is edgier than genocide, maybe infanticide, but definitely not barbacide.

  2. samweiner says:

    Infanticide is incredibly edgy, but unfortunately, all of our children are at least 19.

    Barbicide can also be edgy, especially if you drink it or drown a Prime Minister in it.

  3. P Bun says:

    A decagon is pretty edgy too

  4. P Mac says:

    2 words. Gay unicorns

  5. pandrewaeyton says:

    Gay unicorns is redundant. Like stupid Tea Party.

  6. MAP says:

    yes, those are redundant, just like disappointing Obama.

  7. jonnybobonny says:

    no, not like that. idiot

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