The Saddest Week of All

Hello Sad Vacationers,

As always, we hope everything is going great with you…but in reality it probably isn’t. Why isn’t it going great? Well, mostly because order generic cialis it’s the 3rd week of November–quite possibly the most boring week of the year. See, we here at SOV know history nearly as much as we love comedy, and since we know history so much we know how boring the 3rd week of November has been in the past. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at a few of the snoozefesterific ‘historical’ events that have occurred during the 3rd week of November:

*1493: Columbus discovered Puerto Rico—ummm, more like Porto Stinko!

*1831: President James A. Garfield was born in Orange Township, near Cleveland, Ohio—ummmm, more like Sleepland, Snore-i-o!

*1863: President Lincoln delivered his Gettysburg Address on the bloodstained battlefield at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania—ummm, more like Shittysburg, Pantswillstainya!

See what we mean? Without funny names associated with these events they’re just plain boring and, quite frankly, borderline offensive.

So what are you supposed to do? Sit around and be depressed all week because history tells you it’s the right thing to do? No way. Join us here at SOV as we fight against history to make the 3rd week in November the best week ever. Watch some funny videos, write some comments, or better yet–make your opinion count for once in your life by clicking on the link below and voting for Sad On Vacation’s “Brownie Gun” video (#video number 5).

Once you get tired of voting for our video over and over again, take a break and head down to The Annoyance Theatre this Sunday night for more Sad On Vacation fun at “Annoyance Video Night” and see a sneak peek of a couple of SOV’s newest videos.

Now, go and help us turn around this week’s historically sucky reputation and while your at it treat yourself to something nice, because you deserve it.

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