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So Many Shirts

The perfect look.

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Rocka-the-Roll Baby!

What’s crackin’ SOV’ers!? Steven ‘Rocks A Lot’ Floisenberg here–Sad On Vacation’s intern of the week and the world’s number one rocker!
The bros totally let viagra 100mg me post on their blog this week–which is supremely rockified my man! I’m gonna rock out all over this blog cuz I’m a naughty little nasty boy!  Never Surrender!!!!

Being the weekly intern is the rockingest! Whoo!  On my first rocking day here these guys clarified that they weren’t paying me, but they said I was allowed to rock out all I wanted to around the office! Whoo!!! Then the next day, after I threw the rockingest of rockstivities where some rocking, but illegal things happened, we had to have a rockalicious sit-down meeting to clarify what they meant when they said I could ‘rock out all I wanted to around the office’. Point taken boys–no sweat off my rock! Whooo!
Now I’d like to take this rockertunity to invite all you true-blue rockstars out there to my next soiree. The key word for this party is Mexico!!! Why? Because that’s where my mom and Chet are going for the weekend which means the house is completely open for rocking (except for Chet’s workout den)! Whoo! So, this Friday night bring your nasty naughty little self over and come rocksteady over at my mom’s house. Go ahead and email for the address and directions.
We’re gonna live forevaaaa! Whoooo!

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Chicago’s Clumsiest Men

Hot, clumsy and waiting for your call.

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It is that time of year once again for The Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival.  At eight o’clock at the Chicago Theater Building, we will be premiering an all new live sketch show. Will there be brand new videos never before seen on this site? Why yes, along with new live sketches and some sketches on this website performed live! Why am I yelling? Because we found out tonight that there is some really funny stuff in this one time only show. You can buy tickets at Hope to see you there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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