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Memo Part 3

Mark takes a private meeting with the brand viagra canada online boss.

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Memo Part 2

Mark continues to cash in on his accidental success.

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Memo Part 1

Mark misses an important memo.

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The Saddest Week of All

Hello Sad Vacationers,

As always, we hope everything is going great with you…but in reality it probably isn’t. Why isn’t it going great? Well, mostly because order generic cialis it’s the 3rd week of November–quite possibly the most boring week of the year. See, we here at SOV know history nearly as much as we love comedy, and since we know history so much we know how boring the 3rd week of November has been in the past. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at a few of the snoozefesterific ‘historical’ events that have occurred during the 3rd week of November:

*1493: Columbus discovered Puerto Rico—ummm, more like Porto Stinko!

*1831: President James A. Garfield was born in Orange Township, near Cleveland, Ohio—ummmm, more like Sleepland, Snore-i-o!

*1863: President Lincoln delivered his Gettysburg Address on the bloodstained battlefield at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania—ummm, more like Shittysburg, Pantswillstainya!

See what we mean? Without funny names associated with these events they’re just plain boring and, quite frankly, borderline offensive.

So what are you supposed to do? Sit around and be depressed all week because history tells you it’s the right thing to do? No way. Join us here at SOV as we fight against history to make the 3rd week in November the best week ever. Watch some funny videos, write some comments, or better yet–make your opinion count for once in your life by clicking on the link below and voting for Sad On Vacation’s “Brownie Gun” video (#video number 5).

Once you get tired of voting for our video over and over again, take a break and head down to The Annoyance Theatre this Sunday night for more Sad On Vacation fun at “Annoyance Video Night” and see a sneak peek of a couple of SOV’s newest videos.

Now, go and help us turn around this week’s historically sucky reputation and while your at it treat yourself to something nice, because you deserve it.

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Vote Brownie Gun on Metromix!

Sweet Friends,

SOV’s Brownie Gun is among the field in Metromix Chicago’s So You Think You Can Funny contest. The contest went live this morning and polls are open until Nov. 27th. How can I help, you ask? Here’s how! Please take a moment to visit the contest site and vote for your favorite dessert + firearm related video. The top five vote getters at the end of the contest advance to a final round where the winners will be picked by Second City alumnus Fred Willard, Rachel Dratch, Jeff Garlin and Mick Napier.

Brownie Gun is #5 on the site.

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Love Fool

A head injury yields serious side effects.


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SOV Presents: Classic Moments

Welcome to the inaugural “Classic Moments” post, where we here at Sad On Vacation take time out to salute a classic moment that we can all agree lives up to the billing “Classic.” Today’s CM takes us back to a crisp autumn morn in 2009. Southward Canadian geese honked farewell in the foreground of another gray November sky pregnant with winter’s impending surcease of life; the susurration of children’s footfalls through brown fallen leaves bespoke of both youth’s hungry perseverance and summer’s failed promise. And the boys of SOV were slowly roused from slumber in their extra wide bed specially built for them by a lonely giant.


As we gathered around the oaken kitchen table for our morning breakfast of biscuits and buttermilk, we noticed there was an empty chair at the table. “Where the heck’s Wes?” Conner asked. Then everyone else also asked, “Yeah, where the heck is Wes?” We searched our pockets and penny pouches for a quarter for the apartment payphone to call Wes’ mother, but there were no quarters anywhere. We had no choice but to bundle up and hit the streets to search for Wes. As we were leaving the apartment, Mort reached into the interior pocket of his old winter coat and pulled out a dollar. “Hey, look, I found a dollar in my pocket. It must have been there all summer.” We all had a laugh and agreed it was a Classic Moment.


So let us know some of your favorite “Classic Moments,” and also, please contact SOV at  if you have any clues as to the whereabouts of Wes.

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Jaworski Law

The biggest name in legal viagra from canada help.

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Are You Sad On Vacation?

The Chicago-based joke-crafters of Sad On Vacation hold themselves to a high standard of hilarity. If you can answer these questions with a “Yes!” then you might have what it takes to be Sad on Vacation:

1. Every time you get an email, do you hope it’s the one that makes life worth living?

2. Have you set the internet ablaze with surefire comedy formula [Noun] + Gun = Funny?

3. Are you employing slave labor to manufacture counterfeit VCR parts?

4. Do you live high above Chicago in a fantastic dirigible circumnavigating the Sears Tower, disembarking only to purchase falcons and rifle ammunition?

If you answered, “Yes,” then you, sir or madam, are Sad On Vacation.

Also, what should we call our SOV super-fans? Sadsies? Sadsters? Sad Sacks?

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Powder vs. The Fly

Two of cinema’s most terrifying monsters collide.

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